Apollo L-Shape Fabric Sofa with Seat Cushions and Adjustable Headrest

  • RM5,998
  • [Retail Price RM11140]

Apollo L-shape fabric sofa is a sleek and contemporary low back seating sofa. It's beauty comes from the sofa curves of this piece. A sectional sofa with it's modular configurations. It has adjustable headrests that hide away and keep the profile minimal. A firm piece, upholstered in fabric, made for medium to large living spaces. Apollo is available in L-Shape, sectional configuration or 4 seater and 3 seater options.

Apollo Sofa spec drawing

Overall Dimensions: 

L Shape - W2800 x D1000/2100 x H630 mm

Seatable Dimensions: 
L Shape - W2050 x D600 x H435 mm

Seat Material:
Upholstery in Fabric

Fabric Options: 
FB2051 Brown (Default)
FB2049A Cream
FB2050A Ivory
FB2052A Teal Blue
FB2043 Dark Brown
FB2053A Dark Grey
FB2083 Sand
FB2084 Cocoa
FB2085 Gold 
FB2086 Indian Red
FB2087 Pine
FB2088 Teal
FB2089 Charcoal

Upgrade to FabricGard, Easy Clean options available:
FB4047 FabricGard (Easy-Clean): Neue
FB4049 FabricGard (Easy-Clean): Creame
FB2074 FabricGard (Easy-Clean): Beige Brown
FB2075 FabricGard (Easy-Clean): Brown Earth
FB2076 FabricGard (Easy-Clean): Grey Ash
FB4052 FabricGard (Easy-Clean): Misty

Leg Height: 75 mm

Leg Material:
Round metal

Modern Contemporary / Industrial Loft / Luxurious

Sofa Recommended For:
• Medium to large apartment, landed homes
• Size of 1100 sqft and up

Design Feature:
• Meant to look minimal and low back, the head rest should be displayed in its lowest position as all times. Tilt it at a higher angle only when necessary,
• The beauty in the contour of this sofa can be seen form the side view. Ideal if the side view is facing the entrance.
• This sofa is firmly upholstered, yet the rounded edges gives is a soft look.

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