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Cellini is a home-grown designer furniture brand that designs and curates inspiration for all modern homes. Founded in Singapore in 1986, we have always been passionate about art, connecting people to the creative works of our skilled artisans and local designers. Designed and produced by our own team, Cellini brings you quality craftsmanship, exclusive designs, and timeless furniture pieces – all powered and manufactured by new technology and top-quality materials. Providing a seamless shopping experience both in-store and online, our furniture brand unites the beauty of old traditions with innovation, bringing the visionary concepts of our creators to life.

Factory Quality & Guaranteed Authenticity

Each furniture piece displayed in our furniture showroom and online platform are made by our in-house craftsmen. Everything from the foam that cushions your sofa to the springs in our Nightingale mattresses is designed and manufactured in Cellini factories in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Cellini is an integrated group of companies that specialises in the design, manufacture, assembly, wholesale, and retail of conceptualised lifestyle furniture. With several furniture showrooms and flagship stores in 4 countries, Cellini is an international destination for stylish yet functional pieces. As one of the few companies in the region that consolidates different production facilities such as metal, solid wood, veneer fabrication, panelling, sewing, upholstery, and spray finishing under one roof, therein lies our exclusivity and product brilliance.

Investing in the latest state of the art technology and manufacturing facilities, we have full control and supervision over our designs and seek perfection when creating the final masterpiece. Constantly inspired by the latest interior trends, with consistent quality control and an eye for details, we aim to add fresh and unique designs to our collection for you to unearth.




The Distinct Cellini Architectural Aesthetic

Through exquisite craftsmanship and characteristic designs, we create furniture pieces that tell a story – your story. Following our passion to design works of art that have significant presence, purpose, and withstands the test of time, our designers actively blur the lines between art and function. By researching the aspirations and ideals of our customers, Cellini makes curating a one-of-a-kind collection of contemporary furniture possible.

Sticking to old school methodology, we continue Cellini’s proud traditions of making unique statements through furniture that expresses individuality. As makers of our own furniture, Cellini designers and craftsmen have a deep understanding of every manufacturing process. Aluminium Alloy Sand Casting has been our forte since its inception. Using a wooden pattern, our skilled pattern makers, with their firm grasp of spatial dimensions, translate drawings into 3D sculptures. A sand mould is then made from this wooden pattern, after which molten aluminium is poured into it. Upon solidification, the sand mould is broken producing a cast from which a signature piece is created.

The distinctiveness in design can be seen in the details of every Cellini product. Each piece is a work of art sculpted from natural and manmade media, exercising quality control in every step of the process; joints are engineered to fit snugly and securely, curves are fluid, and forms well-executed. Each Cellini piece has a character of its own where you will see the rare combination of old-world passion and craftsmanship meeting modern technology and design.

Inspired for your Home

Cellini was born of inspiration, by history and the craftsmanship of Benvenuto Cellini, a sculptor, and goldsmith from Florence, Italy. It was Perseus with the Head of Medusa that awed our founder, Tan Cheng Whatt, a metallurgist, to sculpt his first collection in Cellini’s name. Like our founders who used art to tell a story, we are committed to providing you with quality homegrown designer furniture that speaks volumes of your personality through its sculptural artistic expression that transforms any space.

From our humble beginnings in a little Chai Chee factory to now, a market leader in modern and contemporary furniture in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan, we continue to bring you good and functional furniture designs. Coming straight from the factory to your living room, Cellini removes the middleman, so you get great designs at the best value. A one-stop furniture shopping destination both online and in our showrooms, our furniture selection is well-curated and complementary to the Singaporean lifestyle. Streamlining the process of furnishing your abode, our furniture packages are also conveniently designed for you to have quality furniture at affordable prices.

Guided by the philosophy that the quality material and craftsmanship of a single furniture can elevate the appeal of a living space, our online catalogue and showrooms in Singapore give you a glimpse into the luxurious space that you can inhabit when Cellini is your go-to for interior design essentials. We place great emphasis on your satisfaction, and this care and attention to detail apply throughout the entire customer buying experience. Assisting you through every step of building your dream home, beyond our superior customer service, we deliver consistent product quality as well as short delivery lead times, setting the Cellini experience apart.

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