Float Bed for Sleep That Sparks Joy

Wed, 18 Sep 2019

We know that a lack of quantity in sleep hours is bad, but do you know that the lack of quality sleep can cost you more? A study from Medical News Today revealed that interrupted sleep can impact emotions negatively. Aside from the easy fixes like switching your phone to the “Do Not Disturb” mode, some of the more worrying causes for interrupted sleep include heartburn, breathing problems, along with aches, swells and pains.




Not everyone will understand the severity of such problems, unless we are faced with it ourselves. However, there is surely someone near and dear in our lives that we empathise with that is experiencing such health conditions and affected sleep. Your mattress, on top of your bed (literally) needs to be your best sleep support and it is indispensable.


How to Set Your Bed to Get Better Sleep?


The process in getting the perfect pillow for its height and firmness in a mattress to align your spine may be costly and less effective with the many sleep experiments to conduct and sacrifice. However, beds today no longer have to remain as a regular flat form, with the control and flexibility in adjustable bed frames enables everyone to have an elevated and ergonomic sleeping experience that follows the natural body contours.


Once known to be exclusive to hospitals to nurse patients with injuries or health conditions, adjustable beds today are common to be found in households to enjoy the benefits of adjustable beds to sleep at any angled surfaces that your body requires.


What is Float Bed?


Introducing Float Adjustable Bed, a smart adjustable bed that comes with motorised base for the individual bed base, USB charging ports and functional dual-pockets on both sides of the bed. Float Adjustable Bed is fully upholstered in fabric with decorative stitches that bring an added touch to its appearance in exuding elegance and exclusivity.


A simple and quick press on the wireless remote-control and the Float Adjustable Bed can be reclined to any angles for both the head and feet. This adjustable feature allows users to raise or lower their head to upper body or legs, which takes pressure and pain off the body.


Our Float Adjustable Bed is accompanied with Natura mattress, made out of 100% natural, hygienic and antibacterial bamboo. Specially innovated and developed to improve sleep and well-being, bamboo mattresses like Natura also help to alleviate allergies and pain.


With its natural antibacterial properties, high moisture absorption and breathable textile features, bamboo mattresses are able to resist fungi and harmful bacterial infestation. These properties are beneficial for users with asthma, skin asthma and sinus. As the gaps in the fibers are microscopic, it leaves bamboo mattresses cool, fresh and even breathable on a warm and humid night. Being constantly around harmful positive ions generated by electronic devices, we would require the regulation of negative ions generated by bamboo to help us sleep better.


Benefits of Float Adjustable Bed



If you or your loved one is experiencing any of the following and want to take charge of your sleep condition, Float Adjustable Bed will be able to do just that –


Soothes swelling – Fluid retention, otherwise known as Edema, is a swelling condition caused by an accumulation of fluid trapped in the body. As advised by the doctors, people with this swelling condition need to have to raise and elevate their legs to above the level of their heart on the Float Adjustable Bed will help to soothe swelling.


Eases breathing – Triggers of postnasal drip such as flu, allergies and sinus often lead to excessive mucus at the back of your throat and in the chest. With the common cold and cough, nasal passages are also congested by mucus, which causes difficulty in breathing. Sleeping at an angled position on the Float Adjustable Bed will allow airway obstruction to be reduced.


Alleviates back pain – Usual back pains are as a result of ageing, however other causes can include improper pressure distribution and incorrect posture of the spine too. If you are an elderly or a desk-bound executive, you will likely to have experiences with back pains. In order to take the pressure off your spine during sleep, the best way is to be sleeping at a zero-gravity position, where both the head and leg positions are lifted up slightly.

Float Adjustable Bed allows you to customize your personal zero-gravity sleep position where the wireless remote control is designed to adjust both the head and leg positions at once, or individually through the different buttons for efficient control.


Relieves pain in joints and ligaments – Otherwise known as Arthritis, joint stiffness and pain are commonly found in the elderly, yet pain in the ligaments can also be caused by injuries among sports activities. With the pressure and pain in these areas of joints and ligaments, it can disrupt sleep and even the regular process of getting in and out of the bed.

Therefore, Float Adjustable Bed is important in empowering users to be independent by helping in the standard routine and to adjust the bed accordingly to the various ergonomic positions to relieve the pain.


Helps with digestion – While it is a common understanding that we should not lay flat to sleep right after a meal, digestive problems go beyond. To help in the areas of heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion, sitting or resting in an elevated position on the Float Adjustable Bed will make one feel better.


Improves blood circulation – When one is unconscious during sleep. Experiencing numbness and tingling is just one of the signs where blood circulation is concerned. Regular circulation of oxygen-rich blood can be more challenging when lying flat, thus Float Adjustable Bed allows the bed and sleeping position to be adjusted for an effortless blood flow.


Suits individual sleeping patterns – Fitted with individual motorized bed base, couples can have their personal preference in sleeping position and angle with their partner undisturbed. Any differences in sleeping habits and preferences can be easily resolved in a press of a button on the Float Adjustable Bed’s wireless remote control. Individual USB charging ports and bed pockets on both sides also provide greater convenience and functionality of the Float Adjustable Bed. For the lovebirds out there, you can be rest assured with Float Adjustable Bed has seamless edging that allows couples to cuddle up comfortably.


Provides comfort in multiple levels and for lifestyles – Whether it is to experiment with an alternative sleeping position to fit your needs, Float Adjustable Bed allows you to customize your own comfort according to the different lifestyles and activities. A head-only position will be great for reading in bed, and there is even a TV-watching position where you are sitting upright with your feet kicked up slightly for that extra comfort.


Some ideas on the positions you can have on Float Adjustable Bed


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