Gorgeous King & Queen Size Bed Frames in Malaysia for Your Mattress

From a top-quality memory foam mattress to find respite after a long day at work to a bedside table to keep all your knack-knacks organised, there is a range of bedroom furniture pieces to incorporate into the space. However, beyond all these key pieces, there is one particular furniture piece that must be incorporated into every bedroom — a bed frame. After all, a bedroom isn’t complete without bed frames to support your mattress.

Beyond supporting your mattress and body when resting, a bed frame does wonders in elevating the stylistic appeal of your bedroom and pulling the entire look of the space together.

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A Vast Selection of Modern Designer Bed Frames Online

Looking for a furniture store in Malaysia to shop for bed frames online? Look no further than Cellini! Cellini has an extensive collection of designer bed frames for sale in Malaysia that aims to give you the rest you need after a long day. From single, super single, queen and king-size bed frames, and even adjustable beds for those looking for an ergonomic sleeping experience, we have it all available for sale.

But most of all, the entire collection of bed frames designed and produced by our team of skilled artisans and designers is geared toward helping homeowners save space in their bedrooms and enjoy maximum comfort. After all, the bedroom should be a haven for one to escape the stress of the outside world. From wooden bed frames and bed frames with storage to adjustable bed frames like the Float Adjustable Bed that can be adjusted to any angle for both the head and feet, Cellini has them all.

Best Reasons to Buy Sturdy Bed Frames

Did you know that poor sleeping positions and flimsy bedroom furniture are the underlying causes of lower back and hip pain? Due to this, it is important to take preventive measures like choosing the right bed frames to support your body as you take a rest at night or during the day. This is where Cellini’s range of bed frames comes into the picture.

Not only is Cellini’s range of furniture aesthetically appealing and ornamental, but they also give you plenty of choices and users maximum comfort. When you add our modern bed frames for sale to your bedroom, you can enjoy outstanding quality and a night of restful sleep. So, how do you choose the right bed frame?

Choosing the Right Bed Frame: King-Sized or Queen-Sized Bed Frames?

When it comes to choosing the right bed frame, one of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is deciding on an ideal size — and most commonly, between a queen-size and a king-size bed frame. Both sizes have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, making it all the more important to understand the differences before making your purchase.

Queen-Size Bed Frames

Looking for the perfect bed for the elderly or perhaps for your kids? Queen-size bed frames are a popular choice amongst many homeowners in Malaysia. Typically measuring around 60-inches wide and 80-inches long, they not only make a good fit for most standard bedrooms but also offer ample space for an individual to sleep comfortably. But fret not! They're also a great option for couples who love cosying up to each other.

King-Size Bed Frames

King-size bed frames are a great option for couples who want a little extra room to stretch out and breathe freely. These bed frames are typically around 76-inches wide and 80-inches long, giving you an additional 16-inches of width to play with.

And if you get innovative bed frames like our Float Adjustable Bed, you can benefit from the split feature that allows you to fit two separate mattresses — adjust the angle of one, both or neither! The choice is yours.

FAQs About Bed Frames in Malaysia

  • What is the difference between a headboard and a bed frame?

    A bed frame is a fundamental piece of furniture that supports and provides structure for your mattress. In contrast, a headboard is an optional decorative feature that attaches to the bed frame, adding style and personality to the overall appearance of the bed. If you would like a headboard that serves a functional purpose like your bed frame, consider the Gaze Bed Frame with Tilting Headboard in Half Leather, a great feature for those pre-bedtime rituals.

  • Is it worth getting an adjustable bed frame?

    An adjustable bed frame can provide several benefits that can improve your sleep quality and overall health. You can also customise your sleeping position with a quick press on the remote-control. This can reduce snoring, alleviate acid reflux, and improve circulation. Additionally, adjustable bed frames can help alleviate pressure points and back pain, making them a popular choice for people with chronic pain or mobility issues. Therefore, if you prioritise a comfortable and restful sleep, an adjustable bed may be worth considering.

  • Do wooden bed frames break easily?

    The durability of wooden beds can vary depending on the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship. At Cellini, we use only the finest quality wood and expert craftsmanship to ensure our bed frames are strong and long-lasting. Be it our queen-sized bed frame with storage or our bed frames with gorgeous walnut wood accents, we aim to provide you with years of comfortable and restful sleep.

  • How much should a good bed frame cost?

    The cost of a good bed frame varies depending on the size, material, and design. However, at Cellini, we offer a range of affordably priced options to fit any budget without compromising on quality and style. Check out our online collection to find your perfect bed frames.

Kit Out Your Bedroom with Bed Frames from the Best Furniture Shop, Cellini

Cellini is a one-stop platform for bed frames, mattresses, including memory foam mattresses, and furniture for other parts of your home like the living room. With quality and comfort as the hallmarks of our products and services in Malaysia, we aspire to provide stunning pieces of furniture to beautify one’s living space.

Furthermore, we go above and beyond to ensure that all customers enjoy a first-class shopping experience when they buy from us. Contact us to find out more, or head down to any of our furniture showrooms across Malaysia to view our collection. Create your dream room with Cellini today!

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