Naturally Hypoallergenice Natural Latex Responsive Coil Support

  • RM11,698
  • [Retail Price RM24280]

Lavish layer of super-soft antimicrobial fabric

A superbly tailored mattress that combines a luxurious blend of super-soft, cool to the touch fabric with 100% antimicrobial technology and thick natural latex topper. 

Feel the plump lavish layer of the TENCEL® botanic fabric, extracted from eucalyptus wood pulps. TENCEL® naturally absorbs and then releases moisture back into the environment, reducing mould and bacterial growth. Its natural moisture makes it a static-free fibre without electrostatic buildup.

Achieve better sleep as TENCEL® draws heat away from your body, maximizing airflow and cooling you down. Besides giving you a cool touch that is soft to the skin, you’ll get a restful night’s sleep and absolute relaxation allowing your body to completely regenerate during the night.

Mattress Dimension

Super King Size       W1830 x D2132 x H393.7 mm
King Size W1850 x D1905 x H393.7 mm
Queen Size W1525 x D1905 x H393.7 mm

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