Naturally Hypoallergenic Bamboo Fibre and Latex Responsive Coil Support

  • RM8,998
  • [Retail Price RM20980]

Uplift comfort with breathable fabric
Love the support of a spring mattress, but want the cushy comfort? With Natura mattress, you won’t have to choose. With its thick latex topper and good pocketed spring base support, this mattress pampers you awesomely. Not forgetting its soft bamboo fabric that keeps you cool at night.
Bamboo is a very special plant, not only because it is the strongest and fastest-growing plant on earth, making its fibre strong, but also because of its exceptional antibacterial qualities that develops a natural barrier against bacteria. 100% natural, Bamboo offers a higher moisture absorption than cotton making it cool to the touch as the yarns weave a very breathable textile.


Super King  W1830 x D2132 x  H330 mm
King Size  W1830 x D1905 x H330 mm
Queen Size  W1525 x D1905 x H330 mm

• Micro Fibre
• Natural Latex
• High Resilience Polyurethane Foam
• Individual Pocketed Spring

A good combination of firm pocketed spring for firm backrest support and thick and soft top comfort. 
Bamboo fibers used in the mattress ticking, has anti-bacteria properties, is cool to touch, and is a fast-growing renewable resource.

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