Acing Customer Service in Malaysia With Cellini

Tue, 01 Nov 2022


There is no denying that demographics have been changing at rapid speeds and as a result, the demands of consumers have been shifting too. With more consumers these days demanding unrivalled levels of personalisation, companies have to respond quickly to these changing needs or risk sinking in the competitive environment. Given that customers today have a wealth of options readily available at their fingertips, simply keeping up with the competition and pushing out similar products will not suffice. For example, if there is a furniture store in Malaysia that releases a leather sofa in a unique colour, jumping on the trend bandwagon and launching a similar product will not be sufficient in standing out from an already crowded playing field. How then can businesses get ahead in this competitive market? The answer lies in building customer trust, which comes from providing unparalleled customer service. In order to come out on top, businesses have to truly understand and service their customers better than their competitors. And no one understands this better than Cellini

Cellini’s Best Customer Service Award

colour-display-cabinet-cellini-singapore-1492x831Colour Display Cabinet 

Founded in 1986, Cellini is a home-grown designer furniture brand that designs and curates furniture pieces that complement every modern home in Malaysia. Aiming to bring innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and timeless pieces to the masses, Cellini leverages new technologies and top-quality materials to produce only the best. Pulling all stops to unite the beauty of old traditions with innovation in a tangible way, new furniture pieces like the Celadon 4-Seater Modular Fabric Sofa with Movable Side Table and Colour Display Cabinet aptly demonstrate the visionary concepts of our creators. And beyond all of that, we aim to provide a seamless shopping experience both in-store and online, paying attention to every detail in the entire customer buying experience. 

Because of the emphasis put on the customer buying experience and the efforts placed into perfecting our customer service, Cellini was also recently recognised for its great customer experience. Beating major brands, Cellini topped the ranks as Malaysia’s best customer service provider in the Home Goods industry under the Premium Furniture Retail category. Having trumped over 1,600 brands across 93 categories, Cellini came up on top in the survey conducted by The Straits Times and the world’s largest leading data and business intelligence portal, Statista. Acing aspects such as reputation, presence and availability in Malaysia, Cellini was also assessed anonymously by registered participants as well as customers in Malaysia in criteria including quality of communication, professional competency, range of services, customer focus, and the possibility of recommending this furniture shop in Malaysia to others. Given the unwavering resilience in helping customers design their dream homes by bringing good and functional furniture designs, Cellini scored high in all these criteria, making clear that Cellini has long understood the impact of good customer service on buying decisions.  

Cellini’s Philosophy On Customer Service


The importance of customer service is something that every business understands. From increasing revenue and providing a competitive advantage to retaining more customers and boosting a brand’s reputation, exceptional customer service is a powerful business asset – and Cellini understands that perfectly. 


At Cellini, we place great emphasis on our customer’s satisfaction and this is done by assisting every customer through each step of their design journey. This is demonstrated by the opening of the brand-new Bangsar outlet that comes with a dedicated service for mattress selection in the Cellini mattress boutique. Understanding that the traditional methods of customer service support such as filling in customer service forms and waiting for a response are plagued with inefficiencies, this is the product of our innovation to ensure customers have a frictionless experience when shopping at our furniture shops in Malaysia. 

Beyond our superior customer service, Cellini is known to deliver consistent product quality as well as short delivery lead times, setting our furniture shop experience apart. With a strong online presence and multiple comfort furniture showrooms across the country, virtual showrooms, helplines and other dedicated services to cater to the needs of customers, Cellini’s position on the “Singapore’s Best Customer Service 2022/23” list is validated. 

Enjoy Top-Notch Customer Service At Cellini Furniture Shops In Malaysia

Having undergone a rigorous evaluation process through online access panels and open online surveys prior to the announcement that Cellini is one of Malaysia’s best customer service providers, being given the top spot in the Premium Furniture Retail sector is an honour. Aiming to bring more distinct architectural aesthetics to every home in Malaysia and provide excellent customer service, experience the artistry that our creators have to offer. With a range of comfort furniture for sale both online and in our furniture shops in Malaysia, Cellini has all your comfort furniture needs readily available. Visit our virtual showrooms or head down to one of our comfort furniture showrooms in Malaysia to get up close and personal with all of the pieces that will transform your living space.


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