5 Unexpectedly Ingenious Room Dividers for Small Homes in Malaysia

Wed, 12 Aug 2020

5 Room Divider Ideas for Small Homes in Malaysia

small homes

It is a given that flats and condos in Malaysia are getting tight on its square footage. Due to reduced floor space in newer homes, a well-designed abode that works in favour of its small floor plan is crucial when maximising every inch. With a limited number of rooms or space, zoning helps define and divide a designated area for specific functions. Many assume that to delineate a space, a traditional folding screen or curtains are the only solutions. However, everything from a TV sideboard to dressers can act as room dividers. For inspiration, we look at 5 room divider ideas that are not only multi-functional but also maximises space.

1. Living Room Design: TV Consoles

TV Consoles

Media plays a significant role in all our lives, and so does its source – the TV. Installing a projection screen may be an ideal living room design idea. A versatile design solution, it could serve as a room partition too. But it is not a practical solution, given its installation and maintenance requirements. Instead, consider a TV console that doubles as a storage unit and TV display cabinet.

2. Modern Bedroom Design: Sofas & Bed Frames

Sofas _ Bed Frames

When living in a small home in Singapore, the entertainment room, bedroom, and dining room are rolled into one space. Separate the master bedroom from other areas, by placing a sofa, or even a dining bench at the foot of your mattress. This acts as a psychological divider between the “bedroom” and the “living area”. A sofa that does not match the sheets of the mattress will also make the separation clearer. To maximise space and increase functionality, opt for bed frames with built-in storage.

3. Dining Area Design: Dining Room Tables & Benches

Dining Room Tables

At times, the most feasible room dividers are right under our nose. Furniture pieces like sofas and display cabinets can be repurposed to segregate spaces. Many tend to assume that a divider needs to be towering or reach the ceiling. However, a subtle cue that alludes to separation will work too! This is where dining room tables and benches come in. A common sight in homes in Singapore, a dining table can separate the dining area from the living room. For a seamless dining area design, choose matching dining benches that can be slid under the dining room table to save more space. Insufficient space for a dining table with benches? Pair your bedside tables with ottomans for a quirky twist.

Looking for more dining room ideas and how to choose the perfect dining table, read our blogs here.

4. Home Interior Design: Display Shelves

Display Shelves

Display Cabinet in Singapore

In terms of practicality and style, bookshelves not only create a faux wall but also doubles as a display cabinet – especially if it is an open shelf. To give the illusion of a higher ceiling, opt for a display cabinet that extends towards the ceiling. Experimenting with textures, numbers, and colours will also help make a clearer distinction and division of the space. Think bright and bold statement display shelf or two display shelves instead of one!

5. Home Interior Design: Bar Cart & Trolley

Bar Cart

Bar Cart & Trolley | Assam Tea Trolley

The last room divider idea to consider is bar carts and trolleys. Forget the big, bulky dividers and go for a decorative piece that serves the purpose of dividing an apartment in the most understated way. Moreover, these coffee table alternatives do not occupy much space. Since they are not a permanent solution either, homeowners are given the liberty and flexibility to shift this makeshift partition around their homes to complement their interior design.

When accommodating for the lack of space in small homes, it is important to take on the “fake it till you make it” state of mind. A cleanly segmented space can be acquired with several furniture available in Singapore and online. Try DIY-ing with a range of furniture and the above room divider ideas to create that “separate” feel for the privacy you crave.


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