5 Ways to Incorporate Leather into your Home Decor

Mon, 20 Apr 2020

Add Opulence to Your Home Interior with Leather Décor

Opulence to Your Home Interior with Leather Décor

Leather adds warmth and sophistication to any space. Alluring and unique, leather comes in many colours, textures, and sizes. From crocodile and rattlesnake to the common cowhide, leather naturally enhances the ambiance of an interior, creating an impact with its understated look. Aesthetics aside, leather also has several practical properties that make them workable in most spaces.  

Whether it is installed onto entire walls or subtly incorporated into statement pieces like coaches, this timeless material will enliven your interior by adding texture and more depth to a room. In this article, we look at the common misconceptions about leather, and ways leather can be incorporated into your home decor. 

Myths About Leather Furniture

Many designers have a penchant for leather, yet homeowners have yet to jump on the leather bandwagon and experiment with this versatile material freely. This is probably due to the common misconceptions attached to leather. Some of these include:

Myth 1: Not Resilient and Sustainable

Leather is thought to scratch easily due to its fragility. However, this is far from the truth as leather is hardy and durable. It has a stretch to it that allows it to bounce back to its original state, remaining intact even after a long time of use. 

Myth 2: Hard to Maintain

Leather is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and a simple leather conditioner can be utilised to keep the leather in its prime condition. 

Leather Furniture and Decor

From leather sofas to leather headboards, the tactile nature of leather will create interest in an interior with textures and ever-present beauty. Let us look at how you can add leather into your interior design. 

Leather Couch

Leather Couch

Volcanic Orange Yves Leather Sofa with Detachable Cushion | Leather Couch

A leather couch is a classic addition to any home with its rich and luxurious look that remains stylish regardless of changing trends. Even in a home that follows a muted colour palette, or one that has a more playful approach with punchy colours, a leather couch will make for an effortlessly stylish home decor, creating a beautiful focal point in your room.
Besides being available in various colours, different types of leather can pull off specific styles. For example, worn leather lends a rustic vibe, while the rounded curves and fluidity of a tufted leather couch radiate sophisticated elegance.

Leather Headboards

Leather Headboards

Leather Headboard

When considering headboard ideas, a simple wooden or upholstered headboard is the go-to for many. Why limit ideas when a leather headboard will highlight the bed as an architectural feature? Timeless and elegant, a leather headboard complements other materials, like cotton and wood, commonly found in bedrooms. It even pairs well with any colour scheme. For example, a neutrally tanned leather will fit well with any wall colour while the trendy bold red leather headboards will effortlessly, make a dramatic statement.

Wall Tiles

Wall Tiles

Leather Wall Tiles

Luxurious leather wall tiles are available in various designs and make for a unique and bold choice that adds character to a home’s interior design. Leather wall tiles with 3D textures like geometric tessellations or gilded leather will add a sophisticated dimension to your interior without being too overpowering. It is simply beautiful and is bound to turn heads with its superior style statement. To top it off, it is a sustainable resource that is durable and low maintenance. Opting for magnetic wall tiles with a movable magnetic tiling system will allow specific tiles to be removed efficiently for replacement.

Leather Living Room Rugs

Leather Living Room Rugs

Leather Living Room Rug

Leather rugs tend to be shunned due to being erroneously compared to pelt. However, leather rugs come in various sizes and colour combinations. Depending on the artisan who crafted the rug, different materials such as crocodile skin or unshaven leather may be used to create a statement piece for spaces like your living room. Rugs add texture to a room with its organic lines and natural ridges. With age, leather rugs take on a novel character that matures with any design scheme.

Poufs, Ottomans and Barstools 

If a leather couch is a big investment, small pieces like leather ottomans, or an accent barstool, are a safe option to experiment with. Adding simple leather accents with clean lines into a home keeps the space trendy. Moreover, these pieces are adaptable and will not clash with other bolder statement pieces in the room.


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