In Love With Quartz

Mon, 06 Jan 2020





Scratch, stain and heat resistant, using a quartz table top is the ideal solution for the everyday use that a dining table sees. Be it hot soup or kids messing around with their cutlery, a quartz top dining table takes it all. Manufactured to counter the limits of natural stone counter tops, quartz stone top dining tables made out of a combination of quartz chips, polymer resins and pigments then compacted into dense, non-porous slabs making it one of them most hardwearing dining table tops.




Considering the quality a quartz table top provides, it is a cost effective investment towards making your home a stress free oasis. It is high performance material that resembles natural stone, but with consistent colour. It does need not to be sealed or treated after purchase, keeping it low maintenance and user friendly. Quartz is simply cleaned with soap, water and a damp cloth and looks as good as new. There is no need for abrasives or bleach to maintain the surface colour. A solution for durable long term use. Quartz is a non-porous surface which makes it stain resistant; your coffee, wine or oil (even dragonfruit juice stains) sits on top of the surface and is not absorbed into the material. Clean up these messes with a quick wipe of a damp cloth. This same surface property makes it more difficult for bacteria, mould and mildew to grow, adding to the already long list of reasons why quartz is truly a practical surfacing choice.


Comparing Quartz, Granite, Marble and Solid Surface dining tables. Granite dining top's durability makes it scratch resistant and hard to break or crack, and it can withstand heat. However, because it is a slab of natural stone, it has a porous surface and does not deal with stains well. Regular maintenance to seal the granite surface is needed to keep it's longevity. Marble dining tables are similar to granite dining tables, and while well made and structurally sound, marble is also less forgiving than granite or solid surface with the most porous surface. Solid surface dining tables top are primarily made of acrylic, polyester, epoxy and bauxite. These tops are versatile in size and size, though man-made, a solid surface has a softer and warmer feel that natural stone. While it isn't scratch resistant, its surface allows micro scratches and tough stains to be buffed and sanded off. Quartz stone top dining tables are designed to counter the limitations of natural stone dining table tops while having the durability and versatility of man-made surfaces. Quartz stone table tops are made from approximately 93% crushed quartz and 7% resin. A non-porous surface that is heat, scratch and stain resistant for zero upkeep.  




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