Modern Contemporary Homes in Malaysia

Thu, 24 Sep 2020

Modern Contemporary: Harmonious Contradictions

Modern Contemporary V2  

Designing a home to be a haven not only requires the integration of personal memorabilia and pieces that are reflective of one’s culture, personality, and style but also has to be inherently plush with warmth.

Modern contemporary interior design is a style conceived from the combination of two distinct design themes – modern and contemporary. By playing with and overlapping these two design styles that were incepted at different time periods, harmony is created through all its forms and functions. Utilising natural materials like wood and streamlined silhouettes, characteristic of modern interior design, and combining it with the stark minimalism and fluidity of contemporary design, a sense of harmony is brought to the space through these contradicting elements.

Kobe Wong of KDOT was commissioned to design this 1,200 sqft apartment. He put his technical expertise and creative mind to design the ultimate modern contemporary home that is worthy of being synonymous with a safe haven the current generation can find reprieve in. 

Living Room Furniture: Playing with Shapes

As expectant parents, the homeowners had the future in mind. Looking for pieces that look chic and classy but also be child -friendly, suitable furniture were chosen to complement the design. Keeping to a warm, neutral tone in the living area, there was also more freedom to experiment with shapes and textures.

Part of designing a modern contemporary home is to emphasise on balance. Try incorporating a mixture of organic shapes with rigid streamlined pieces to create a distinguishable aesthetic that blends comfort with style.

In this living area, large centerpieces were of different textures and shapes, borrowing qualities from either modern classic or contemporary design. Pops of colour has also been added into the space with the large rug, rose gold rims of the small coffee table, and gold accents of the TV console.

living room furniture

Another way to achieve the modern contemporary interior design is to follow an open floorplan. A plus point of the contemporary design scheme is that it is ambiguous by nature. With no specific rule books to play by, the style is hard to pin down due to its constant evolution with the latest trends in design. An open concept house is all the rave now – and that was the living room idea that Kobe kept in mind when designing the space. Eliminating restriction, keeping everything within view, and providing freedom for customisability, this living room is timeless, giving the homeowners a floorplan and space that will grow with the family and age gracefully.

Dining Area Design: Keeping Things Open 

kitchen 1

This open concept is applied throughout the living space, dining area, and kitchen. You’ll notice that a chic glass door is installed to separate the cooking area from the dining room. With its simple and transparent form, the glass door lends to the modern contemporary theme and gives the illusion of an open concept. 

kitchen v2 1

Composed of slanted lines that form primal outlines, the dining table and chairs are a nod to modern interior design. The deep earth tones of the bent metal legs of the Kay Quartz Top dining table helps liven the rather austere, blocky shapes of the dining table. By installing lighting with industrial silhouettes, and spotlights above kitchen shelves, warmth is added to the space, creating a sense of movement by illuminating its dark cabinetry.

Master Bedroom Design: The Pinnacle of Minimalism

master bedroom  1

The master bedroom is every homeowner’s ultimate sanctuary. Hyper-focusing on minimalism, clean lines, classiness, this master bedroom is the epitome of luxury hotel sophistication. Not going over the top with materials, patterns, or colours, the bed and mattress of this master bedroom take centre stage in this home in Singapore. With bedroom furniture kept to the minimum while the cove lighting brightens the room and gives an elegant feel to the entire space.


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