Practical Home Designs With Dogs In Mind

Fri, 29 Apr 2022


In the last few years, pet ownership in Singapore has grown exponentially. In fact, according to the Euromonitor data, there was a 19% increase in the overall pet ownership in Singapore, and the dog population hit approximately 92,000 in 2019. The pandemic also saw a surge in interest in adopting or fostering pets since the work-from-home arrangements allowed new pet owners to better help their pets adapt to their new homes and routines. For many of us, these four-legged furry friends are family. Hoping to give these pups the best and spoil them like any parent would their own child, it is common for pet owners to do whatever it takes to make a comfortable home for their pets. Although most dog owners are willing to surrender most of their living space to their new furry family member, incorporating dog-friendly ideas into your abode does not mean that you’ll have to give up on design. Sure, there might be a possibility of your new pup chewing everything in sight, but with a few thoughtful purchases and with some attention to detail, you can build a pet-friendly home for both yourself and your pet.


1. Choose Suitable Materials

Choosing the right furniture is pivotal in ensuring that it will hold up to your puppy's paws and claws. Even if your furry friend does not end up breaking apart a piece of furniture, their chewing and gnawing can leave seams and corners of your furniture looking a tad bit destroyed. This means that you’ll need to look for pieces that are durable enough to protect themselves from the claws of your dogs.


Dansk Wood Coffee Table


Wooden furniture that bears high-quality and thick finishes is one classic material of choice that will be protected against claws and body fluids. Wood coffee tables like the DANSK coffee table are also ideal as they come with slim and tapered steel legs that hold up well to those sharp teeth and nails. The Tetra wooden TV console is another perfect choice since it has strong metal frames that envelop the entirety of the wooden portions, making it close to impossible for your pets to chew on its corners. However, you’ll want to avoid materials that are brittle such as rattan and PVC vinyl which tend to wear thin more easily when pets scratch them.


2. Consider The Upholstery


When your little canines love your couch as much as you do, it might seem like an absolute feat to keep it clean and intact around the clock. From the layer of shed hair to the occasional stains that they tend to leave behind, a pet-proof upholstery is a must. Not to forget their claws that leave obvious scratches for all to see!

Many pet owners are left in a sticky situation when trying to choose between leather and fabric sofas. Leather is surprisingly one of the most pet-friendly materials out there, especially since they are easy to clean and wear minor damages well. Leather sofas are also perfect since they get better with age. Just like the patina that they naturally acquire over time, the little scratches and marks that might pop up while your pet breaks into your leather sofa can add character. That is not to say that you should only opt for full leather sofas and the best leather seaters for your home.

Given the variety of contemporary sofas available in the market, the appeal of fabric sofas cannot be denied. But are fabric sofas really the most dog-proof couch material out there? Well, with recent advancements, there has been a rise in fabric sofas that come with stain repellent. The Aquaclean fabric for pets is one example of innovation that made fabric sofa maintenance easy. Only requiring water and a cloth, you will be able to remove pet hair from the fabric’s surface. Integrated with the SafeFront Technology, Aquaclean also keeps allergies against pet hair to the bare minimum. Other fabric textiles like FabricGard work in a similar way. Scratch and stain-resistant, accidental staining, and even scratches will be kept at bay. If there are any fabrics that you should be steering clear of, it would be those that act like magnets for pet hair and are extremely delicate – think velvet and silk.


3. Keep It Neat With Storage


Bezel Wall Hanging Open Cabinet


Lastly, you would not want your home looking like it’s run by your pets. To ensure that people still envy your style of living, organisation is key. Storage solutions like shelves and display cabinets, as well as side boards and displays, are all furniture pieces that must be incorporated to prevent your home from looking like a dog playhouse. The Bezel wall hanging closed cabinet that can be installed at a height that is completely out of reach from your pups can be used to store their toys, food and towels. You can even leverage self-adhesive hooks and attach them to the side of furniture like the Luceo display shelf to hang leashes for easy access.

If you are all for designing an aesthetically appealing home that will hold well against your rambunctious canines, there are several factors to consider. Though it might be hard to resist the temptation of splurging on gear and making impulse buys when you get a new pet, it is important to get to know your pet first. For all you know, your furry friend might just settle in quickly and not cause any mishaps. Take the time to house train your canines and then go full force ahead in investing on new furniture pieces that fit your style.


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