Revamp Your Home With Cellini Malaysia’s New Furniture Collection

Thu, 01 Dec 2022

minimalist-sofa-malaysia-1492x831Celadon L-Shape Modular Fabric Sofa with Movable Side Table

Thoughtfully designed interiors are a clear favourite amongst homeowners in Malaysia and beyond. By considering the aesthetic emphasis that specific furniture pieces can add to a living space, designing an impressive yet tranquil home is often the ultimate goal. When thinking of a chic interior design that will stand the test of time, there are a few mental images that may conjure up – refined, liveable, and devoid of any clutter. With multiple furniture stores offering collections that complement the latest design developments, finding the right pieces that perfectly tread the line between luxury and practicality can be a hassle. And no one understands this better than Cellini. Offering new collections that bring the visionary concepts of our creators to life, Cellini brings quality craftsmanship, exclusive designs, and timeless furniture pieces that are elegant without sacrificing efficiency and versatility. In this blog, we cover some furniture pieces from our brand-new furniture collection that have been curated for every modern home in Malaysia. 

The Home Furniture Colour Series

Ever thought about what the trendy Arts and Crafts-style interior will look like in your abode? For homeowners looking to add bright colours and incorporate bold patterns in their homes, the Colour Series by Cellini mirrors the enthusiasm for adding new design elements that refresh the space. While honey-coloured wooden With furniture pieces like living room display cabinets and TV consoles can feel very dated, the Colour Series turns this around stands out with its rich character and architectural charm. 

1. Colour Display Cabinet

colour-display-cabinet-1492x831Colour Display Cabinet

Capturing the essence of detailed and configurable architecture, the Colour Display Cabinet makes contemporary living a breeze. Made from engineered wood and steel, the fresh pop of Cello Orange transforms unused spaces into chic and practical ones. Working double duty as a display shelf and a nifty divider, the Colour Display Cabinet imbues a living room with lightness, personality and a younger feel. With a pared-down colour palette that is complemented with splashes of bright orange, clean lines and the reliance on robust materials, the carefully thought-out use of warm and natural materials with sculptural and striking accents helps make the most of minimalist and modernist spaces. Rotate the Cello boxes to face the front or the back or shift it from left to right, however you choose to play around with the configuration, the opportunities to make known your individual style is limitless. 

2. Colour TV Console

colour-tv-console-cellini-malaysia-1492x831Colour TV Console

Reinventing the image of a standard TV console, the Colour TV Console builds on the traditional shape of TV consoles that we’ve all grown accustomed to and takes it up a notch with its limited material palette and striking colour volume. Brightly hued and shaped in the most subdued manner, this creation is a simple, functional basic for all homes in Malaysia. Create a real haven with the small details, like open shelves and drawers and contemporary metal feet. The combination of the beauty of old traditions with innovation and sturdy metal legs at the base showcase the expert craftsmanship and precision that has become synonymous with Cellini. 

The Tourner Home Furniture Collection 

A lifesaver no matter the size of your home, modular furniture pieces are those that will grow with your space and transform into something that is more functional with every new form that it takes. And that is exactly what the Tourner collection does. Modern yet timeless in terms of style and materials, the Tourner collection features a daybed that serves as both a comfy seating solution by day and a bed by night. 

3. Tourner Half Leather Daybed

tourner-half-leather-daybed-cellini-singapore-1492x831Tourner Half Leather Daybed with Adjustable Armrests

Giving you flexibility in terms of style, use and budget, the Tourner Half Leather Daybed with Adjustable Armrests is designed with an innovative mechanism that supports the rotation of the armrests so that you can have a lavish bed to sleep on or a grand couch to accommodate your guests. With covers made from premium Mastrotto leather and Nozag seats that offer unrivalled support for lounging and sleeping, cohesively transform your space without any hassle with this space-saving sofa-cum-daybed. With transformation in its DNA, set the foundation for your home and customise it to fit your space.  

The Celadon Furniture Collection

Introducing our new Celadon collection, designed exclusively for homeowners looking for minimalistic pieces that are injected with innovative features. The Celadon collection features modular fabric sofas and coffee tables that boast beautifully curved shapes and organic lines that make for a timeless addition to any living space. 

4. Modular Fabric Sofas

modular-fabric-sofas-cellini-singapore-1492x831Celadon 4 Seater Modular Fabric Sofa with Movable Side Table

Embracing modularity, new shapes and comfort, the Celadon fabric sofas demonstrate how soft and round lines can make a real impact on furniture and living space designs. The Celadon Modular Fabric Sofas are modern pieces with a minimalist, low and floating expression. Boasting well-defined shapes and soft curves, statement sofas like the Celadon 4 Seater Modular Fabric Sofa with Movable Side Table are statement sofas from every angle. Finished with a stylish contrasting quilted back, the Celadon fabric sofas add a touch of elegance to any room. The L-shaped variations of the Celadon sofas have a unique L-shape configuration that allows you and guests to have your own seats on individual wings. 

5. Celadon Coffee Table

furniture-collection-cellini-singapore-1492x831Celadon Coffee Table with Gold-Tipped Steel Legs

Flipping Challenging the old assumption that straight lines are more realistic on its head, the Celadon Coffee Table with Gold-Tipped Steel Legs elevates the space with its iconic design. Bringing joy and inspiration with its sweeping silhouette and arching built, this interactive piece takes the sharp angles out of the typical rectangular coffee table. The sensory hit from the layering aspect that homeowners can experiment with the large and small Celadon coffee tables will creatively redefine the living room layout and aesthetic.

Elevate Your Home With Cellini’s Designer Furniture Collection

All of the new collections made available by Cellini represent the evolution of our brand and our commitment to design. Featuring cutting-edge designs and various conduits to reimagine your living space, the launch of these aforementioned new furniture pieces gives you a taste of the more experimental endeavours that are to come in the future. With different types of sofas to choose from, as well as a range of living room and bedroom furniture for sale both online and in our furniture shops in Malaysia, Cellini has all your furniture needs readily accessible. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our furniture showrooms in Malaysia to get up close and personal with our new furniture collections that include everything from wall shelves and contemporary TV consoles to minimalist sofas and modern coffee tables to tailor your home to your exacting tastes.


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