Celadon 2.5 Seater Modular Fabric Sofa With Adjustable Side Table

  • RM4,598
  • [Retail Price RM6480]

Celadon, a modular fabric sofa that embraces your body every way you sit, suiting your lounging needs. It is well-equipped with a slim side table designed to slot flawlessly into the side or back padding of the sofa. Celadon features a clean, contemporary style that sits on a steel laminated metal base with natural American walnut veneer and gold-tipped legs, revealing its subtle vintage vibes. 

Celadon sofa is designed with wide seatings, and a stylish contrasting quilted back to flaunt. Perfect for setting it in the middle of your living room.
Shop for Celadon L-shape Sofa here , Celadon small L-shape sofa here.

celadon Spec amd

Overall Dimensions: 
4 Seater - W3250 x D1025 x H855mm
L-shape (small) - W2650 x D1025 / 1635 x H855mm
L-shape - W3250 x D1025 / 2050 x H855mm
2.5 Seater - W2210 x D1025 x H855mm

• Fabric upholstery
• Quilted padded fabric
• Box spring seat
• Side table: natural American walnut, steel flat bar support, black powder coated finish

Leg Material:
Steel laminated with natural american walnut veneer and gold paint tips

Sofa Recommended For:
• Large apartment, landed homes
• Size of 1200 sqft and up

Design Feature:
• Quilted stripes provide visual contrast to the wide seat, and large configuration
• Veneer provides a warm feel, while the steel frame gives strength
• Gold tips on the leg gives a touch of metallic highlight against the walnut veneer, and fabric textures
• Side table may be slotted into the side, or back padding, to be freely positioned (1 side table per module)

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