Sho Motorised Leather Recliner Sofa With Storage Box and Cupholders | All Seats Reclinable

  • RM7,498
  • [Retail Price RM21540]

Enjoy an upgraded cinema experience right at your home with the Sho’s luxurious leather seats and recliner features. The cupholders are perfect for a glass of drink or two, additionally, the storage box is also an ideal spot for your bags of chips and more.

Sho's beautiful soft folds accentuates comfort.  A motorised incliner that rests in any position with an adjustable headrest for maximum comfort. Upholstered with genuine cow-hide leather. The mechanism inclines seat, backrest and leg support forward and outwards, meaning you can place this sofa set close to the wall, maximising your living area. A versatile set with a slim, sleek profile, Sho works in any living room as it is easily customisable according to the number of seats, and even the choice of an add-on storage box. From large apartments to compact spaces, Sho sofa, a high comfort sofa set is a luxury at home.




Option 1 - A + Storage Box + B - W1780 x D920 x H1020 mm
Option 2 - A + D + B - W2370 x D920 x H1020 mm
Option 3 - A + C + B - W2370 x D920 x H1020 mm
Option 4 - A + C + D + B - W3280 x D920 x H1020 mm

View more SHO option here

100% genuine cowhide full leather
Nozag seat is durable, and gives a good seat drop, and bounce-back firmness
RMT mechanism
Manually adjustable headrest

Leather Options: 
FL68 Volcanic Orange (default)

Leg Height: 
50 mm

Leg Material: 
Steel, silver powder coated finishing

Modern Contemporary / Statement / Luxurious

Sofa Recommended For:
Small to large apartments, landed homes
Size of 900 sqft and up

Design Feature:
Zero-wall mechanism inclines the seat and backrest forwards, and outwards. This allows the sofa to be placed close to a wall, yet offer extended layout in the full-recline position.
Motorised seat button located on the side of  CBSF9477 storage box for Mod C/D, thus allowing the center seat to be motorised.


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