Viso Motorised High Leg Leather Recliner Sofa With Adjustable Headrest | All Seats Reclinable

  • RM4,998
  • [Retail Price RM9880]

A luxurious contemporary sofa designed for modern living, Viso has the visual appeal of a leather couch and the functionality of a motorised sofa. Its high-leg mechanism is cast in aluminium and provides ample space between the floor and the bottom of the sofa, making cleaning a breeze for robot vacuums. At the touch of a button, the hidden leg rest unfolds for excellent leg support and, when closed, is neatly tucked back into the sofa. The motorised seat allows you to find the perfect angle for relaxing, while the adjustable headrest provides good neck support. Come home to Viso – The sofa made for your modern lifestyle. 


Overall Dimensions:
1 Seater - W1190 x D1120 x H760 mm
2 Seater - W1940 x D1120 x H760 mm
3 Seater - W2690 x D1120 x H760 mm
4 Seater - W3440 x D1120 x H760 mm

Full leather upholstery 
RMT high-leg mechanism 
Nozag seat 
Aluminium alloy casting leg, powder coated finish 
Manually adjustable headrest 

Leather Options: 
FL73 Grey Rock

Modern Contemporary / Luxurious

Recommended For:
• Medium / large apartments, landed houses
• Size of 1200 sqft and up

Design Feature:
• High-leg mechanism, allows for a large space between the floor and bottom of sofa, giving the look of a sleek sofa, with visible sofa legs. It offers a motorised seat function, with an attractive design, compared to a normal mechanism sofa with the footpad all the way to floor 
• Clearance of 135mm now allows more cleaning to be done below the sofa, either by hand or robot vacuum. Current incliners do not cater well for this
• The sofa may be placed very close to the wall, with small clearance (recommend min 30mm), compared to existing incliner sofa models

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