The Only Mattress Size Guide You Need To Know In Malaysia

Thu, 21 Oct 2021


Do you know that mattress sizes are subtly different all over the world? Naming standards and mattress sizes differ between US, UK, Europe and Malaysia

Fun fact - Did you know that a UK King Size is actually smaller than a Singapore King Size mattress in Malaysia?


UK King Size 152 cm x 198 cm
Malaysia King Size 182 cm x 190 cm

We know it gets really confusing! 

In general, the bed length in Singapore is generally 190cm while our counterparts in US/ Europe are at 200cm. We suppose the taller Western built is the reason for this difference. The UK is an exception with an entirely different sizing convention.

But you’re here because you want to know the conventional mattress sizes in Malaysia.

Cellini Nightingale Mattress in Single Size


The Natura mattress is a latex mattress with premium pocketed spring made of bamboo fibre fabric. This allows it to be paired with the Float adjustable bed which allows the user to find his/her most comfortable sleeping position. Read this guide on latex mattress before considering. 


Mattress Size Guide in Malaysia in centimeters (cm)

Width X Length
Single 91 cm X 190 cm 
Super Single 107 cm X 190 cm
Queen 152 cm X 190 cm
King 182 cm X 190 cm

Mattress Size Guide in Malaysia in inches (“)
Width X Length
Single 36 ” X 75 ” ( Length )
Super Single 42 “ X 75 ” ( Length )
Queen 60 ” X 75 ” ( Length )
King 72 “ X 75 ” ( Length )


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