Choosing A Quality Mattresses And Bed Frame For Couples in Malaysia

Mon, 05 Dec 2022

naturally-hypoallergenic-bamboo-fibre-mattress-1492x831Naturally Hypoallergenic Bamboo Fibre and Latex Responsive Coil Support Mattress

Let’s face it – making decisions as a couple can be challenging at times. But things can get even trickier when it comes to deciding on the best sleep surface. As vital as sleep is, you do not want to compromise on your sleep quality simply because you are sharing the bed and mattress with someone you truly care about. As such, it is pivotal to find the right bed and mattress pairing to not only enable high-quality sleep but to also ensure both you and your partner stay comfortable through the night. While it is common for homeowners to focus on the master bedroom design to create a calming space, there are several considerations that go beyond aesthetics. Making a world of a difference between a sleepless night because of bad motion isolation or a great night of sleep, this guide covers the important factors to look into when choosing the best mattresses and beds for couples. 

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Couples In Malaysia?

sanitised-antimicrobial-high-resilience-foam-mattress-1492x831Sanitised Antimicrobial High Resilience Foam Responsive Coil Support Mattress

Is it even possible to find a mattress that allows couples to sleep in comfort? Despite there probably being a vast number of differences when it comes to personal preferences on things like how firm a mattress should be or individual support needs, it is possible to get the right mattress for both parties. Therefore, it is safe to say that you and your partner are not doomed to sleep on separate beds as there are indeed several quality mattresses and bedroom sets designed to please everyone. Of course, there are a few key elements to look for when shopping for the best mattress for couples. Some of these include size and motion isolation to reduce sleep disturbances. Here are the best mattresses to consider: 

1. Pocket Spring Mattress 


Unlike a vast number of mattresses in the market, pocket spring mattresses are known for their zero-movement transfer property. This means that its isolation of motion is top-notch and remains unrivalled – and you’ll never have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night due to your partner’s tossing and turning. Consistently firm across the entire surface, the individually encased pocket springs support the entire body without putting too much pressure on a specific area of the body. Accompanied by a thick layer of foam on the top, the luxurious softness that it offers also facilitates a comfortable night’s rest. The perfect choice for couples who prefer a firmer mattress, pocket spring mattresses will have you enjoying a mattress that adjusts to your body and needs. At Cellini, we boast options like the Sanitised Antimicrobial High Resilience Foam Responsive Coil Support Mattress which has premium pocketed springs that have been calibrated to flex at just the right tension and offer optimal absorption of motion shock. This individually pocketed spring system featured in all of our mattresses is responsive to your body contour and ensures low partner disturbance.  

2. Memory Foam Mattress

On the note of exceptional motion isolation, memory foam mattresses are known for just that. Inherently better at isolating motion than other mattresses on the market, this type of quality mattress is made of synthetic foam that contours closely to the body and absorbs all movements. This is because memory foam tends to compress directly beneath one’s weight, preventing disruption caused by one individual moving in bed. But that’s not all! Memory foam also relieves pressure points and is extremely durable. However, it is crucial to note that memory foam is made of a man-made material that tends to be sensitive to temperature. This means that the foam may get softer when exposed to heat and harder when in cooler temperatures. In order to manage the shift in elasticity, especially in humid climates like that in Malaysia, cool gel has been incorporated into memory foam mattresses to further stabilise the material. 

3. Latex Mattress

black-diamond-micro-spring-mattress-1492x831Black Diamond Ultra-Cool Latex ViroClean Antimicrobial Responsive Micro-Spring Mattress

While latex mattresses may have a natural bounciness to them, 100% natural latex mattresses hit the mark when it comes to offering a cool and comfortable surface to sleep on. Given Malaysia’s hot and humid climate, the ability of latex mattresses to circulate air efficiently makes for an ideal choice for those sharing the bed with their partners. This is because the open cell structure and pinholes present in this naturally well-ventilated material allow extra movement of air. Choosing a mattress like the Seville Lux Black Diamond Ultra-Cool Latex ViroClean Antimicrobial Responsive Micro-Spring takes this up a notch with Black Diamond infused latex. Providing conductive pathways to transfer the heat towards uncompressed parts of your mattress, it keeps the areas that you are sleeping on approximately 2 to 3ᵒC cooler – say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night in a hot sweat.

What Is The Best Bed Frame In Malaysia For Couples?

float-bedFloat Motorised Adjustable Bed

Once you have decided on the best mattress for you and your partner, the final step is to look into the accompanying bed frame on which your mattress will sit on. Bed frames might seem like any other standard must-have furniture piece that has to serve a basic and mundane function. However, they can do wonders in bringing your ideal master bedroom design ideas to life and meeting your specific needs.  

1. Space Saving Beds

Trinity Bed Frame With Storage Divan

When sharing a bed with someone, a single or super single mattress often will not suffice. This means that a queen or king-sized bed and mattress has to be integrated into the bedroom space. The result of this? More floor space being occupied, leaving less room for other bedroom furniture pieces like bedside tables. To nip this in the bud, go for a space saving bed instead. Options like the Trinity Bed Frame with Storage Divan comes with a hidden storage space within which you can efficiently store all of your knick-knacks and even clothes! You could also go for convenient bedroom furniture sets that pack all the essentials into a single set so that you’ll never have to worry about getting the wrongly sized bed frame or mattress.   

2. Easy Maintenance

Love munching on popcorn while watching a movie with your partner? Or does your spouse love surprising you with breakfast in bed? Whatever the reason may be, accidents are bound to happen. This is where bedroom furniture that is not only chic but easy to clean comes in handy. The Ribb Bed Frame in FabricGard is upholstered in a quilted ribbed pattern fabric headboard that is both resistant to blemishes and easy to clean. 

When it comes to choosing the best mattress and bed for couples, it all boils down to your personal preferences, needs and available space. Just like how there are different types of mattresses to consider for each type of sleeper, the same applies to couples looking to design a comfortable bedroom. For more tips and guidance, refer to our mattress buying guide and mattress size guide

Not sure where to buy mattresses or space-saving bedroom furniture? From latex mattresses to bedroom setsCellini has all your bedroom needs available on sale both in our furniture shop in Malaysia and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our furniture showrooms in Malaysia to get a closer look at our extensive range of mattresses and bed frames on sale.


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