Goodbye Back Pain!: Quality Mattresses For Your Back Health

Wed, 11 May 2022


Best Mattresses for Back Pain | Cellini

Constantly waking up in the morning, only to be hit by sharp shooting pain in your back? Unexpected back pain is an experience that many suffer from time to time. Although morning back pain is common and symptoms can subside after moving around for a while, having to deal with this inconvenience on a daily basis is an indicator of underlying conditions. Though persistent back pain can be associated with stress and poor posture, there are other culprits behind this uncomfortable pressure on your joints. Pinpointing the exact cause of your back pain can be a challenge, but one particular cause that is often overlooked is the mattress. From your sleep posture affecting spine health to simply using an old or low-quality mattress, your mattress might very well be the reason why you’re hearing creaks and cracks when you stretch your body.

How To Tell If Your Mattress Is The Cause Of Your Back Pain?

If, like many adults, you spend the majority of your day sitting down working the hours away, you’re probably no stranger to stiffness and tension. With work from home arrangements being an integral part of the new normal, the lack of physical activity can further aggravate existing back pain. But what if you have an inkling that your sleeping habits could be the main culprit behind your back problems? Here are a few signs that your pain might indeed be because of your mattress:

1. You experience pain right when you wake up

Went to bed feeling great but woke up with throbbing back pain? Perhaps your chronic back pain is at its worst when you first wake up? This is a clear sign that your muscles did not get much-needed rest throughout the night. If your mattress is not offering sufficient support for your back, your muscles will have to work overtime to support your spine. Not only will your muscles be exhausted by the time you wake up, but your joints would have also been under constant stress during those few hours of respite.

2. You toss and turn when you sleep

Find it hard to get comfortable when you’re trying to sleep? Tossing and turning at night is normal if you’re unable to find the perfect sleeping position. The inability to find a neutral position that allows your body to fully relax while still receiving proper blood flow will not only mean a restless night’s sleep but also back stiffness in the morning.

3. You’ve been using the same mattress for years

A mattress that sinks too deep when you lay on it, has indents or is starting to sag means that it has already run its course. Once a bed has lost its shape, its responsiveness will no longer be top-notch. This is a clear indicator that it might be time to buy a new mattress. As a matter of fact, a study showed that individuals who switched out their old mattresses for a new bedding system experienced improved sleep quality and a reduction in back discomfort.

Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Back Pain

Doing proper research on the best mattress for back pain is pivotal in ensuring that you have proper rest. For starters, a basic mattress buying guide will help you narrow in on the crucial factors to consider when trying to make an informed purchase. Beyond that, there are 5 other criteria to look into to will help reduce the instances of back pain episodes:

1. Firmness


Black Diamond Ultra-Cool Latex Seville Lux

A firm mattress tends to be more rigid to the touch, making it the perfect choice for individuals who are at the receiving end of annoying back pain. This is because the firm surface will prevent the lower back from collapsing and ensure that there is an even distribution of the body weight. No single part of the body will thus be put under pressure. A firm mattress will also allow the bones to absorb any pressure, giving the muscles the time to recuperate at night.

However, it is important not to choose mattresses that are too firm – you wouldn’t want to sleep on a surface that is identical to that of the floor, would you? An extremely firm mattress could even cause misalignment by pushing on pressure points like the shoulders and hips.

2. Softness

Not too firm, and not too soft – very soft mattresses are another thing to look out for, as beds that are too soft tend to lack support. If you lay in a bed and it envelops you, that is a clear indicator that it’s not firm enough. Although some might like the sinking feeling, such mattresses can cause bad posture, and as a result, serious back problems. Without the necessary support, joints might twist, and muscles will pull during the night.

3. Quality

Choosing a quality mattress for a good night’s sleep is always a given, but what features should you be looking out for? At Cellini, our Nightingale mattresses come in a varied range. From premium anti-static and antimicrobial mattresses to ones that come with adjustable beds, finding one that supports your back will be a breeze. Designed with responsive pocketed coils with a layer of premium latex, your spine will remain aligned and good posture will be maintained throughout the night. With high resilience foam and toppers, whatever your preferred sleep position may be, you can rest assured that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed daily.

The treatment of a mattress also plays a role in ensuring you do not wake up with back stiffness. Be it natural Tencel and bamboo fibre tops that promote airflow or sanitized antimicrobial treatment, Cellini’s mattresses will comfort and protect you during the night.

4. Longevity

As mentioned, an old mattress can do major harm to your spine health. Therefore, when looking for the best mattress in Malaysia, seek advice on the material of the mattress. Some materials tend to be more long-lasting than others, making your investment more worthwhile. Memory foam mattresses, for example, can last for a decade, while latex mattresses like the SEVILLE LUX, are capable of retaining their durability for around 15 years.

5. Sleeping Position


Float Adjustable Bed

Getting a quality mattress will surely do wonders for your back pain but rectifying poor sleeping positions can nip the problem in the bud just as efficiently. Bad posture will put immense amounts of pressure on your spine, flattening the natural curve. For a start, avoid sleeping on your stomach. Instead, sleep on your side or use pillows for additional support. Alternatively, opt for motorised beds. The Float Adjustable Bed with Natura Mattress and USB Ports will empower your sleep by providing an ergonomic sleeping experience. Following the natural contours of your body, you can also raise your upper body or legs to take the pressure off your joints.

Not sure where to buy beds and mattresses in Malaysia? From the best mattresses for back pain to ones designed with smart fabric technology, Cellini has all your bedding needs available on sale both in our furniture shop in Malaysia and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Malaysia to get a closer look at our extensive collection of Nightingale mattresses. Need help choosing the best bed and mattress combination to alleviate back pain? Get in touch with our experts for more advice.


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