Industrial Chic: A Raw and Edgy Take on Home Interior Design

Sat, 01 Aug 2020

Industrial Chic Interior Design Ideas

Industrial Chic Interior Design Ideas

From Scandinavian home interior to a design theme that exudes modern royalty, there are a plethora of interior design trends that have taken the world by storm over the years. In 2020, however, we see the return of raw and edgy materials in home design. With the rising popularity of smart products, many homes are digitally overloaded. This has brought about an uptick in industrial home decor client requests.

Typically, the go-to for converted lofts or factories, rustic industrial decor marries urban trends with rural, lived-in vibes to create an awe-inspiring balanced collision of juxtaposing styles. Intrigued on how to achieve the look? In this article, we break down the industrial chic interior design trend so that you can master the concept of a rustic and edgy abode.

Common Industrial Home Decor Elements

What is an industrial design and what must its interior comprise of? A nod to the industrial revolution, industrial chic is all about mixing worn-out textures, aged natural materials, and sleek utilitarian decorative pieces for an edgier look. To get the full look, try mixing two or more of these elements:

  1. Exposed Bricks

The distressed finishing of brick walls is a classic way to showcase the stripped back architectural details of a home. Celebrate the raw elements of your property and display this old industrial hardware to achieve the industrial look.

  1. Concrete or Screed Floors

Another major component of the style, screed floors only adds to the unfinished look. However, concrete finishing may not be a feasible option for some homeowners. But fret not! The flooring industry has an array of durable vinyl and laminate flooring options that mimic the look of cement, offering more options that will fit your lifestyle needs.

  1. Unfinished Materials

Raw materials like unfinished or reclaimed wood and glass are stylistic elements to experiment with. Furnishing like a wood coffee table or leather sofa that have natural textures and neutral colours add warmth to the space.

  1. Stainless Steel

A must-have home decor accent is metal. From metal shelves to custom made display cabinets commonly found in furniture showrooms in Malaysia, you can never go overboard with stainless steel and galvanised metal with this interior theme.

How to Pull Off the Industrial Interior Design Look?

When attempting to achieve the industrial look, simplicity is key! There is no need to over-accessorise or furnish the space. With the incorporation of raw and edgy decor, interest and depth is created through its natural textures and patina. Staying true to the aforementioned elements, try mixing them in with these in mind:

  1. Open Concept

Open Concept

Paying homage to the origins of the industrial style, try mimicking the openness of spaces like lofts. Embrace the open concept by eliminating barriers – think minimalism. Leave the infrastructure open and have extra room to add other rustic industrial decor to build upon later.

  1. Unique Lighting

Since the industrial look calls for clean lines, lighting is one way to experiment with alternative silhouettes. Choose modern yet minimalistic lighting fixtures that contrast the blocky shapes and immaculate lines of other industrial home decor present. For example, a metallic chandelier with organic shapes from crystals will work with the design scheme.

  1. Wood and Metal

Wood and Metal

When conjuring up industrial chic decor ideas, recall what the interior design scheme calls for: utilitarian materials that have an aged look to it. Avoid plush fabric and instead, gravitate towards antiques that have patina. Throw in timeless investment pieces like wooden coffee tables and leather sofas that will age gracefully with the design. Moreover, these materials are practical and versatile – wood and leather rarely clash with other elements. Lustrous metal finishes should also be integrated for interesting texture play.

  1. Neutral Colour Palette

Colours should be kept neutral. Grey, black, and white are popular colour choices that will complement the warmth of natural wood and coldness of the metallic decor. Today, a popular modern bedroom design idea is to rebel against the minimal design trope. Create a bold statement and customise the space with darker colours, or do the unexpected and add pops of colour with vibrant art pieces.


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