Thank you Scandinavian, next

Wed, 18 Dec 2019

We are all too familiar with the Scandinavian interior design trend, as it has been all the rage for a good couple of years. While this is a design trend that exudes elegance and simplicity, with the defining characteristics as bright, light and a focal on wood tones, the flipside is the clinical and uninspiring home spaces of the Scandinavian interior. The Scandinavian-inspired homes in Malaysia are causing a “cookie-cutter home” phenomenon, especially for the newly renovated homes, with a lack of individual character and style.


A home is a place that you call your own, and so the interior of your home should reflect and exude your personality. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider these quality, timeless and well-designed furniture pieces as alternatives to the overrated “Scandinavian look”.


Distinctively designed furniture to set your home apart


While it is true that you cannot go wrong with simple and minimal furniture, your home will look like any other Scandinavian homes with its typical wooden tapered legs.


Here at Cellini, our forte is in the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into creating the Cellini Signature leg pieces using the aluminum alloy sand casting process.




The combination of wood veneer skirting, tufted leather upholstery and organically curved steel legs are three distinctively different stand-alone materials. When they come together to form the Yves leather sofa, it becomes a well-designed statement furniture piece for your home. The varied materials in Yves leather sofa makes it versatile and easily adaptable to any space, to bring about a sense of sophisticated and sleek look.




When a sofa does not come in a regular straight sofa form, you know that it is special. Blox leather sofa is one unlike the other, with its quirky curved contours and signature legs, it adds an edge and character to an otherwise plain and boring room. Aside from its unique curves, Blox leather sofa is specially designed for users to lie down in an ergonomic position, where the head and legs are lifted slightly for better blood circulation.


Make your furniture work for you and your lifestyle


Instead of simply getting your furniture to fit into the interior theme, you should also consider how the furniture can fit into your lifestyle.


Do you love cozy stay home movie nights with your family?




With Mila leather sofa’s high backrest and plushy seats, it makes lounging cushy. To top it off, Mila leather sofa’s motorized recliner function allows the seat to be laid down, as though you are lying in bed with your pillows piled up. The in-built USB charging ports on the sides are useful and convenient in providing extra outlets to charge up the devices in your family.


Or do you love to entertain guests and hold parties in your home?




Beyond just a refined piece of dining table, Bolda dining table is made up of heavy-duty quartz stone table top, supported by strong steel legs wrapped in American walnut veneer that demonstrates strength and boldness. The qualities of the quartz stone top precedes its beauty. With its non-porous surface, the Bolda dining table top is stain and scratch resistant, making it an easy feat to wipe away any liquid that sits on top of the surface, be it coffee, wine or oil. Made up of nature’s hardest minerals, the durable and fuss-free nature of quartz enables the table top to be scratch and heat resistant too. Fret not for the quartz material is resilient against blemishes made by high-temperature dishes or even accidental cutlery marks, the Bolda dining table is also tough against the growth of bacteria, mould or mildew.


Create your own kind of style for your home


There are no rules when it comes to designing your own home. Introduce different materials that you are comfortable with, such as glass surfaces, leather upholstery or even darker colours to make your space stand out.




Structured and reliable is the Max glass dining table, featuring its robust chunky legs, contrasting with glass surface that reflects the appetizing food. Paired with elegantly upholstered Doric dining chairs and Max dining bench, it is an exclusive style with its contemporary meets conventional appearance.




You can also complete your home with Elda L-shape fabric sofa and Max coffee table that extends the interior design style from the Max glass dining set!




A one-of-a-kind and adventurous contrast of materials in Crema collection - dark reflective glass and natural woodgrain patterns. Consisting of the fabric sofa set, coffee table, sideboard and TV console, the Crema collection is a masculine alternative style to the Scandinavian interior look.


Any other way, Cellini has our very own Dansk living room collection that fits into the epitome of the Scandinavian design too, which we would like to better categorise it in the mid-century modern design style.




In the Dansk living room collection is the Dansk fabric sofa set with upholstered leather sofa frame, where the seat and back cushions are removable. Next, the Dansk coffee table set comes in a big and small triangle wooden table top with rounded edges that can be extended or layered to save space. The Dansk sideboard and Dansk TV console are also included in the Dansk living room collection too, featuring the iconic slim tapered legs from the Scandinavian inspired look.


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