Showcase Your Style With Display Cabinets & Shelves

Fri, 05 Nov 2021


Luceo Display Shelf

You’ve gone furniture shopping, picked out all of the best furniture you could ever set your eyes on. You rearrange your living space according to an on-trend interior design scheme and scatter the newly purchased pieces throughout the space. A leather sofa and coffee table takes centre stage, while a classic TV console is added to the corner for a touch of visual appeal. However, for some reason, something seems amiss – what could be the reason? Be it the lack of personality, emptiness amidst the scarcity, or a daring touch that expresses your boldness to take risks in your own abode, the majesty of display cabinets is one not to be overlooked.

Even though storage is considered a key component when designing a room, this is often an aspect that many only emphasise when designing bedrooms. But it is pivotal to note that when styling open spaces like the living room, creating various groupings featuring objects of different shapes, sizes, and textures, can elevate the look of your interior. As such, display shelves and cabinets that offer a creative channel to put on display your personal style and interests can be utilised to make your home feel collected, cohesive, and well put together. But how do you achieve the delicate balance between function and looks when integrating a display cabinet or shelf into your home in Singapore? We share a few tips so that no styling opportunities are left in the dark.

1. Consider The Materials Of The Display Cabinets

Wooden display shelves like the Luceo imbue warmness and cosiness into your living space. Injected with tints of black gloss elements and boasting an asymmetrical design, its innate modernity will complement any interior design you are going for. Even floating wall shelves like the Bezel are perfect for homeowners looking for the freedom to create a layout design according to their design needs and space available. For a cabinet that radiates elegance and minimalism, a glass display cabinet is always an option to consider. Just like wooden display cabinets, glass ones are relatively easy to style. From books, magazines, or vintage objects, anything can be put up for show.

2. Experiment With Your Colour Palette

Ferro Display Cabinet

Whether you’re a fan of the mix-and-match theme or prefer some form of consistency when designing your living room, you can be deliberate with your choices given the plethora of options available. With alternatives like the Ferro that is framed in black steel pipe and distressed mid-tone teakwood, or even open wall-mounted shelves, you’ll have multiple ways to style your home. You can also choose the items on display to match the shelf or have the display shelf fit into your existing design and colour scheme - opportunities are boundless.

3. Play Around With Shapes And Layers

Like bookshelves, display cabinets are always used for the same practical reasons – to keep books and knick-knacks. Although doing so is not incorrect, understanding that styling is all about composition will allow you to decorate your cabinet in a more balanced and artful manner. Once you’ve studied and mastered styling, try experimenting with different compositional models. For example, arranging things asymmetrically, overlapping pieces, and dispersing elements will create dimension, intrigue visitors and keep their eyes moving through items stored in the display.

4. Never Forget Functionality

Elda L-Shape Fabric Sofa with Wooden Storage Arm

While it’s ideal to have your cabinets, floating shelves, or sideboard cabinets look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they must also serve their main function. Ensure that the things you utilise frequently are within reach and accessible to everyone. If you plan on storing things like your remote control and keys, be sure that it’s within reach rather than installing it at a height. To up the level of functionality, consider pieces like the Elda L-shape fabric sofa with wooden storage arm. Within wooden arms that function as a shelf, you can elegantly store your controllers and magazines – the perfect solution for those who have to work with limited floor space.

5. Look Into The Craftsmanship

Last but not the least, as with any furniture pieces, be sure to look into the craftsmanship and materials used to construct it. Of course, style, size, and functionality are important elements, but its construction should not compromise the design. Do your research on the designer or distributor to gain a better understanding of their philosophy. Cellini, for example, takes its manufacturing and quality very seriously. From designing to the assembly process, we ensure that every piece displayed in our retail store is of top-notch quality.

Not sure where to buy wall shelves and display cabinets in Malaysia? From quality wall mounted shelves to other storing and shelving options, Cellini has all your living and interior needs available on sale both in our furniture shop in Singapore and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Malaysia to get a closer look at our display cabinets and shelves.


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