Decorating a Living Room with Black

Mon, 26 Oct 2020

How to Decorate a Living Room with Black

Decorate a Living Room

Always making the list of trending colours, black is not only a safe choice in the fashion industry, but it is also a go-to choice in interior design. Beyond being a versatile colour, when used correctly, black makes a bold statement and creates drama unlike any other hue in the colour wheel. However, when integrating it into the living room, homeowners only choose black furniture since it will not stain easily – we discuss other ways of decorating your home with black so that it will radiate opulence and sophistication.

General Rules when Decorating with Black

Find yourself questioning how to decorate a living room with such an ominous shade but keep things bright and cheerful? Though an ultra-edgy colour, black has a bad rap amongst homeowners for being a depressive colour. But interior designers will argue otherwise as it can enhance everything around it. If you are afraid that it will overwhelm a space, fret not! Keep these two design rules in mind, and you are all set.

1. Do not overdo it

In fashion, black is said to give the illusion of “smallness”. Just like how a black outfit can make a person look thinner, too much black in a home can make it look smaller than usual. Without adding other colours to the space, there will also be a loss of contrast. Black in such situations will look flat and dull, losing its dramatic air.

2. Add them in small amounts

If you are afraid of taking the plunge with such a dark shade, focus on the minor details instead. Set a light foundation and layer black elements to add dimension to the space. Use black rugs, display and bookshelves, and wall art. Since black accents pair well with other colours, you can mix-and-match other colourful home decor as well.

Home Decor & Living Room Ideas

1. Decorating with black walls

Decorating with black walls

What better way to make black the only statement colour in your living room than to paint your walls black? If the space is curated properly, black walls can transform your living room dramatically. Whether you are going for a Scandinavian theme or aiming for a minimalistic interior design scheme, black can be adapted to any design you have in mind – so do not worry about having to stick to the grungy industrial interior design when working with this colour.

If you are feeling adventurous, a black undiluted accent wall will be a good way to introduce the colour. Given its versatility, you can incorporate other elements to tie things together. Try using other accent colours for an extra punch – bold hot pink will bring excitement while warm gold accents add glamour.

If painting all your walls black sounds like a brilliant living room idea, you are not wrong! Adding some visual details will prevent the space from looking flat. White tables will work wonders in this situation, especially if they have a reflective surface like quartz. A white leather sofa or armchair like the Club Swivel will also complement the simple and chic aesthetic.

2. Decorating with black furniture

Decorating with black furniture

If an all-black home is too much of a commitment, decorating with black furniture works too. Since there is a wide range of living room furniture available in Singapore, you’ll just have to find the right black pieces to add to your space. What living room furniture does Cellini offer that you can coordinate with your home decor?

Black sofa

A sleek option that will not overwhelm your living room, a black sofa, is a neutral accent that can be easily layered. The Yves leather sofa with detachable cushion comes in black and has wooden accents that make this piece of furniture playful while remaining polished.

Black tables

When decorated with statement accessories, a simple black table becomes a conversation piece. The Dansk dining table is timelessly minimal – pairing it with solid white chairs creates visual depth.

Other black accents

From bedside tables, coffee tables with black accents, and more, at Cellini, we understand that little doses of black still has a grounding effect, seamlessly tying the space together.

For more guidance on our range of black living room furniture in our showrooms in Malaysia, feel free to contact us.


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