Home Furniture Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying One

Sun, 30 Apr 2023


Whatever interior design style you are attempting to pull off for your home, one thing is for sure — furniture always remains one of the main characters that will bring life to the design you have in mind. Injecting your space with originality, functionality and creativity, getting your hands on quality modern furniture ensures that you are one step closer to designing that dream home of yours. Limited space or not, investing in the best furniture pieces will not only bring out your personal sense of style but also help create a space with which you will fall in love with no regrets. But how do you go about choosing and buying the right furniture for your home? We cover our top furniture buying tips so you can set up a home that would be thrilling to live in for years to come.

Importance Of Furniture In Your Home


It might come as no surprise that the furniture you have in your living space can have a huge impact on your levels of comfort. But believe it or not, purchasing furniture that does nothing in terms of complementing, supporting or enhancing the way you live can also affect your efficiency around the home. Essentially a type of functional commodity that can be leveraged in a multitude of ways, you can curate a space that works in your favour with the right pieces. And if we were to take things one step further, it’s safe to say that furniture is required to not only provide us with more comfort but also storage space and an alternative conduit for self-expression. And as your life and needs change with the times and circumstances, so does the type of furniture needed to make your home feel lived and complete.

What Are Some Tips For Buying Furniture?

Furniture buying ventures embarked on without much thought or planning can be overwhelming and affect your attempts of designing a cohesive space. And since your home is supposed to be the perfect representation of all things you adore and find comfort in, simply going for trendy furnishings that have recently taken the market by storm will not cut it. So, to ensure that every piece of furniture you buy will be a pleasant addition to your home, consider doing the following:

1. Blaze Your Own Trail


Fell in love with the interior design trends that were all the rage in 2022? Well, guess what? While it might be easy to fall head over heels for a specific piece of furniture due to its luxuriousness, feel, or aesthetic, the so-called “trendy” status of these pieces will not last forever and their novelty is bound to fade over time. Therefore, rather than impulsively making these “in-trend” purchases, opt for timeless pieces that check all the boxes in terms of satisfying your practical needs. Go for pieces of modern furniture that are not products of fads, but boast classic designs, and lasting beauty, are easy to maintain and have the ability to adapt to your various lifestyle changes. No more #FOMO!

2. Balance is Key

customer-home-cellini-1492x831Homer Motorised Fabric Recliner Sofa With USB Ports And High Backrest

Which is better — minimalism or maximalism? While minimalism has taken centre stage in the world of interior design — and for a good reason — there are a few downsides to extensive attempts at streamlining every little aspect of a living space. The same applies to maximalism, or any other type of interior design scheme for that matter. 

While it is easy to get pulled by the stylistic appeal of certain interior trends, it is crucial to prioritise comfort, functionality, adaptability and longevity. And more than anything, the furniture pieces that you choose should perfectly perform the balancing act between comfort and laxed conformation to the pressures of modernity. This means that as much as a slouchy couch will have you sinking into the seats, the latest trends must also be taken into consideration at some level in order to design a space that stands its ground in terms of relevancy in this day and age. 

Take the Homer Motorised Fabric Recliner Sofa with USB Ports and High Backrest, for instance, which comes with USB ports and a motorised operation for multi-functionality and ease of use.

3. Go the Sustainable Route


Heard of the phrase “out with the old, and in with the new”? Though the idiom remains relevant when revamping your home, sustainability and green initiatives have been wiggling their way into our lives and homes. With more people attempting to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle and make a positive impact on the world, careful consideration of furniture pieces is a must to reduce the chances of ever needing to purchase new ones after just a few months of use. Thus, we recommend taking one very simple step — when furniture shopping in Malaysia, only purchase those that are made to last.

4. Embrace the Modular Trend

customer-home-cellini-1492x831Evita Modular 4 Seater Fabric Sofa With Removable Cushion Covers

How does two separate 2-seater sofas by day and a 4-seater L-shaped sectional by night sound? If that seems like the ultimate dream, modular furniture is something worth looking into. Providing you the freedom to play with various configurations and arrangements, modular furniture is the holy grail sought after by homeowners who have limited space to work with and looking for unique pieces that allow them to spice up their homes without having to invest in a long list of different furniture types. Our Evita Modular 4-Seater Fabric Sofa with Removable Cushion Covers and Colour Display Cabinet are perfect examples of modular furniture that supports your creativity in a range of ways.

5. Find the Right Furniture Store


And finally, to ensure that you are buying furniture made with top-quality materials, you’ll want to pick a furniture shop that aces customer service and is constantly pushing out new furniture collections. Though there are several factors to consider when selecting a furniture shop in Malaysia, the former will provide you with a seamless shopping experience as well as proper post-purchase support. And when you shop at furniture stores that pull all stops to bring visionary concepts of their creators to life, not only will you have plenty of ways to enjoy quality craftsmanship but also most likely be able to shop for everything under one roof. 

Forget running up and down town to find what you need to furnish a single room — furniture stores like Cellini let you conveniently find everything you need in one place, saving you loads of time.

Designing Each Room Of Your Home With Furniture


Now that you know how to go about buying furniture, the next question is what should you be buying for your home? 

From choosing the right furniture upholstery and materials to finding furniture pieces that match your personality, there are various ways to go about searching for the right kind of furniture. But, of course, every furniture buying adventure must start with you picking the key pieces that will aptly define the function of a room. For example, the living room is clearly the space where you will host guests, making the presence of a large sofa a must-have as part of your living room furniture set of choice. What are some of the other fundamentals?

What Kind of Furniture Goes in a Living Room?

customer-home-cellini-1492x831Celadon Small L-Shape Modular Fabric Sofa With Movable Side Table

A few standard pieces of furniture can be found in every living room regardless of their size. And of these key pieces that speak of comfort, versatility, and longevity, the sofa is the main star. 

From selecting sofas with a sturdy frame to trying them out in-store before you take the plunge, choosing a suitable sofa that will grow with you and your home is no easy feat. Therefore, to help you out, pick an overarching theme to have run through your entire living room. From there, you can not only pick out the right sofa that will complement your modern living room but also choose other pieces, such as coffee tables and TV consoles, that offer endless design possibilities for the room.

At Cellini, we have condensed the most comprehensive living room furniture buying guides into convenient living room packages. Find pieces like the Celadon Small L-Shape Modular Fabric Sofa with Movable Side Table, and thereafter, customise your living room with other add-ons so that the space suits your interior style and transforms into an area that is cosy and conducive for living.

How Can You Make Your Dining Room Look Good?

customer-home-cellini-1492x831Black Beauty Granite Dining Table 1.9m With Hatch Dining Chairs

Whether your dining room functions as a stand-alone room or is a part of an open-plan layout, merging with the living room, there are many dining room ideas to tap into. However, just like the living room, no matter what dining room design you are trying to recreate, there is one crucial furniture piece to invest in before you can go full steam ahead to find a balance between functionality and style — we’re talking about the dining table.

How you plan on choosing the perfect dining table will be directly influenced by the dining tabletop you have your eyes on. And both these decisions will impact your choice of chairs for your dining table. Hence, to get started, decide on the best dining tabletop that will meet your needs in terms of construction, budget, space occupation, and style. 


At Cellini, we understand the appeal of sintered stone, quartz and granite dining tables. With options like the Gris Sintered Stone Top Extendable Dining Table With 4 Charles Dining Chairs and Black Beauty Granite Dining Table 1.9m with Hatch Dining Chairs, you can enjoy the expansive world of various dining tabletops and find matching dining table chairs with ease. And if you would like to take a load off your shoulders and go for dining table sets that come with all the dining room essentials, our comprehensive range of dining room packages has you covered too!

What Type of Furniture Should be Used in a Modern Bedroom?


Finally, the bedroom. A place that should be the epitome of calmness and comfort, both the interior and furniture choices of your bedroom should be subdued and not overwhelm you when trying to snatch forty winks. So, if your approach is to simply go for the bare minimum, BINGO! Snap up a quality mattress and sturdy bed frame, and you’re good to go. 

Depending on whose bedroom you are furnishing, be it your kid’s bedroom or that of the elderly, specific factors must be considered. For example, when choosing quality mattresses and beds for seniors, supportive mattresses and orthopaedic beds should make the top of the list. On the other hand, when choosing the right bed and mattress for your kids, something that complements the interior design of your children’s bedroom and can be used even as your kid goes through growth spurts are ideal. 

At Cellini, we know that deciding on the best sleep surface can be a tricky feat. As such, we offer a selection of bedroom sets that makes shopping for furniture that much easier. And to help you make an informed decision, check out our mattress buying guide and mattress size guide.

Unearth Unique Home Furniture Designs At Cellini Malaysia

Cellini has always been passionate about the arts and making available timeless furniture pieces that can be added to any room of a modern home in Malaysia. Leveraging new technology and only quality materials, we unite the beauty of old traditions with innovation so that you seek perfection in designing your living space as we do with creating the final masterpieces that you can find in-store and on our online store. 

From bedroom sets to a range of other furniture, unearth the products of consistent quality control and unrivalled craftsmanship at our virtual showroom or furniture showrooms in Malaysia.


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