Living Room Interior Design Ideas to Match Your Personality

Thu, 21 Oct 2021

Stuck on living room design ideas? As much there is a constant influx of trends, the need to create a personal space that matches your own stylistic preferences can be stressful. But here’s the thing, there are hundreds, if not thousands of factors of design that can be manipulated to inject a sense of uniqueness. When it comes to inspiration, there is a wealth of ideas all around us – from design magazines to Pinterest boards, a little research will suffice in getting your brain juices flowing. All you have to do from there is to tap on the basic parameters of basic living room designs, and you’re all set to curate a space that is befitting your taste.

It is a given that each individual has their own style. Ask any interior designer or homeowner, and they’ll agree that taking these special nuances and applying them to the interior design of a living room is what will elevate and transform a house to a home. So, what would offer you a solid foundation to infuse these subtleties? Should you go for an on-trend design scheme like a botanical interior or classic looks like the contemporary interior design that makes a big difference with small changes? This is where your personality comes into play. When it comes to your living room interior design, your preferences are the key “decision-makers” on the strategy you take on. To help with your design venture, we cover the types of living room designs you can experiment with to let your personality shine through.

1. An Introverted Perfectionist Who is Methodical

Karl SA L-Shape Fabric Sofa

Love keeping things sleek and polished? The ever-classic minimalist interior design is perfect for those who are methodical and efficient. Clean yet bold, the subdued aesthetics of minimalism makes for a functional yet warm space to live in. Having emerged in the 1950s, it is the epitome of a highly purified form of beauty. Your living room furniture should be in order, simplistic, and be in harmony with each other. To pull this look off, consider furniture pieces that are characterised by single or repeated geometric forms. Sofas like the Karl SA L-shaped fabric sofa and accent pieces like the Dimples fabric stool are beautiful yet functional pieces that are a nod to minimalism.  


2. Friendly & Social with an Admiration for Elegance

Another popular interior style, similar to minimalism, is the Scandinavian interior design. All about creating a warm and cosy space, it typically follows a lighter palette and mainly uses natural materials. Clean and tidy looking, Scandi interior emphasizes quality, not quantity. Your furniture choices should work double duty to highlight important features that you would like to draw visitor’s attention to. This can be done by integrating comfort furniture like small coffee tables that do not stand out ostentatiously but rather sit effortlessly in the space. The Dansk collection available at Cellini – Dansk coffee tableDansk fabric sofa with faux leather armrest, and Dansk TV console – exudes style while being sturdy enough to handle all the social gatherings you might host.

3. Mysterious & Complex Yet Fresh

Elda L-Shape Fabric Sofa with Wooden Storage Arm

If you all about being mysterious and playful, then pop art interior design is the way to go. Highly stylish and bold, pop art interior is great for someone who has a complex personality and would love to show off their colour in one way or another. Typically a look pulled off with no restrictions, this scheme offers homeowners the freedom to experiment with a wide range of colours, prints, patterns, and shapes. Include some prints into your living space with furniture like the Hatch armchair and Hatch dining chair. If colour is more your cup of tea, then boldly coloured pieces like a wine red Seva motorised leather recliner armchair can be thrown into the corner a pop of colour. If colours and prints are too much of a commitment, then classic pieces that have a touch of modernity due to their configuration are just as ideal – think Grande motorised leather recliner and Elda L-shape fabric sofa with wooden storage arm


4. The Effortlessly Chic

Ever heard of the “no-makeup makeup look”? The whole spiel of “I didn’t put in that much effort, but I did,” tactic is all the rave now. Therefore, if you like to have everything looking effortless, then shabby chic is the interior design for you. Optimistic, friendly, and social, those who live in such “shabby” places rarely buy furniture and enjoy the patina of vintage pieces. For comfort furniture that looks like it’s from a different epoch, go for fluid and leisurely pieces like the Wing armchair with seat cushion, Sleek beanbag, and Tres L-shape leather sofa with high backrest. . Created with soft fabrics, plush stuffing, or quality leather that will age gracefully with time, these pieces will tell the story of your living space.  

5. Simple, Positive & Open


Ross Fabric Sofa with Removable Covers

Looking to be one with nature? Japanese interior design might be the most restrictive interior design out there, but it is extremely organised and energetic. Placing value on natural light and nature, Japanese interior design is one to consider if you like the appeal of a simple and airy space. Relatively similar to Korean interior design, modest pieces such as the Tres leather sofa and Ross fabric sofa that do not overwhelm the space should be your go-to.

Need more design inspiration? Browse our design articles and extensive online catalogue of furniture and sofas for more living room ideas. Alternatively, you could head down to our furniture showroom to have a closer look at pieces that may have piqued your interest.



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